Dr. Sam Weissrock

Dr. Sam Weissrock

Thought Leader
Social Change Agent
Organizational Psychologist

About me.

Greetings! I’m Dr. Sam Weissrock, and I assure you that finding your way here is no accident or coincidence. There are no accidents in life!

I am an Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychologist which means there is nothing more interesting or fascinating to me than how you are doing at work. As an I/O Psychologist, I’m sort of a blend of a workplace psychologist and sociologist. Psychologists, like all doctors, have a specialization or area of focus: burnout, leadership, PTSD, DEI, and so on.

Me??? I’m interested in everything that makes you…you. Each of us brings our entire selves to our work day, whether we like to think it or not. We are human beings being human at work. It just so happens that I am a human being, too!

In my family, I am the first at a lot of things. First to go to college. First to earn a bachelors, much less a master or doctorate. First to work in an office. You get the idea. The hard part of being a trailblazer is not having a guide or guideposts along the way to navigate work and life.

Heaven knows, I stumbled a lot!!! So, my goal, is to give you a bit of support, encouragement, a nudge, and maybe tough love along the way.

In return, I will share a lot of who I am and what goes on in this wild, beautiful brain of mine!

My promise to you

I promise to be honest.

I promise to write to you as if we are great friends talking over a cup of tea.

I promise to share topics and ideas that have been valuable and changed or shaped my life along the way in many facets of life: work, spirit, mind, body, communication, and creativity.


I promise to talk about things that may be a bit scary, but we need to talk about them…like mental health, how we are losing our men and boys, and talking to one another with compassion, empathy and accountability.

I promise to give you information that is insightful and accessible so that you can wow your boss and bore your friends but not use too many academic or catchphrases.

I promise that we will have a bit of fun and maybe a laugh or two along the way