Dr. Sam Weissrock

Dr. Sam Weissrock

Dr. Sam Weissrock

My Research

There’s plenty of talk in social media and news about how we are influenced in what to believe. I mean, the modern Einstein’s of today are being hired to analyze, machine learn and AI our every click of the mouse!!! 


BUT…have you ever wondered about the power of what you read about work, leadership, or career mobility? Well, I have dedicated more than 15 years understanding just that!


While completing my master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies, I became obsessed with how writing styles in popular magazines, scholarly journals, and academic publications were guiding my perception and opinion as a reader. Intrigued by the psychological, social and neurological aspects of leadership (and the fact we spend most of our day at work), I have taken that passion into my research on the way language is used when writing about leadership. 


Words, sentences, paragraphs…oh, my! I had no idea what an eye-opening journey I would take in the power of language to shape opinions, influence beliefs, and how to avoid unintentionally becoming a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.


My fourth-grade teacher must be relieved that someone was actually paying attention in her language arts class!


Dr. Sam Weissrock holds her Doctorate and Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Walden University as well as her Master in Interdisciplinary Studies, and Bachelor of Continuing Studies from Indiana University. 



She has served as editor of the Indiana University Southeast Graduate Review-Journal and presented at the Midwest MIS Conference. Her presentations include the impact of media on men and masculinity, the effects of psychosocial support on the goal attainment of men in impoverished communities, and the influence of perception of equality in academic studies on the intersection of gender and leadership.