Leadership is Psychological and Social

How each of us leads is influenced by how we think, our values, our personality, what we believe about ourselves and others, and, just as important, how others perceive us.

Like it or not, we bring all of who we are to work every day and take work home every evening and no matter how hard we try, we cannot turn off individual of aspects of ourselves just because the workday begins. We are leaders who shape our organizations, our communities, and the attitudes of future generations. The fact that each of us are unique individuals means we lead differently. 

Challenge what you think you know about yourself as a leader.

Dr. Weissrock creates a space for leaders to speak freely about the challenges of balancing life as a person who leads.

I believe in a positive, holistic philosophy that is respectful and compassionate to uniqueness and challenges of male and female leaders alike. My philosophy encourages open conversations, personal accountability, and appreciation for the self and others.



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