Sam Weissrock

Owner, Yin Yang Consultants

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Sam Weissrock

Sam brings a wealth of knowledge from 12 years in corporate America and 14 years in the non-profit sector combined with over 8 years of academic research. Her varied work includes organizational design and development, client relationship management, project/program/portfolio management, human performance improvement, motivation, leadership development, learning & development, strategic & business planning, and effective communication.

Sam is a doctoral candidate at Walden University and is actively writing her dissertation with graduation on the horizon in 2019. Her dissertation examines the use of language in research on gender and leadership and how that language can influence the reader’s perception of their ability to lead. She also holds her Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Walden University, Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies from Indiana University and Bachelors of Continuing Studies from Indiana University. She served as senior editor of the Indiana University Southeast Graduate Review Journal from 2012-2013. She has twice presented as guest speaker at the Midwest MIS Conference. Her presentations include the impact of media on men and masculinity and effects of psychosocial support on goal attainment of men in impoverished communities.

Sam Weissrock is the founder and principle consultant of Yin Yang Consulting, LLC. An industrial/organizational psychology researcher and social change agent, Sam specializes in the social psychology of leading organizations. Her expertise includes:

Leadership, Organizational Development, and Performance

Effective leadership communication

Gender, language, and leadership

Positive psychology and self-fulfilling prophecy

Sam’s Approach

Sam applies an integrated philosophy to bridge the gap between the psychological and social aspects of being a person and a leader. She combines leadership theory, gender research, positive psychology, sociology, and neuroscience (and bit of spirituality for good measure) to create a balanced, holistic approach. As a result, her no-nonsense discussions on leadership honors male and female leaders alike and encourages accountability while maintaining compassion for others.

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